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Though it is advisable to avoid rushing in when searching for finance, sometimes it is impossible to wait for long credit verification processes when you are in urgent need of small amounts. When time is pressing in such situations one may wish to find a lender that can approve the loan fast, without hassles or delays. Despite the fact that we will always insist on taking enough time to make a conscious decision, here are some ways of obtaining fast approval for your personal loan.

Cash Advance From An Employer

When the time is pressing it may be a smart idea to ask for quick cash from your employer. Your employer knows that you will repay the amount because he can retain a portion of your salary as repayment or even spread it into several months and reduce your salary proportionally for installment repayment. The main advantage of this source of funds is that your employer will charge you reduced interests or even none at all.

The only drawback is that you probably don't want your employer to know that you need emergency funding as this may show a lack of caution and preparation. However, if the reason for the needed funds is an accident, a disease or other critical emergencies you may decide to put your pride apart for the time being and resort to your employer in order to obtain the funds that you need to cope with the urgent situation.

Payday Loans or Cash Advance Loans

Payday loans and cash advance loans are an excellent choice for those that need limited amounts fast and can't wait for a longer approval process. A cash advance loan can be approved in less than 24 business Hs. However, these loans have limitations: the amount of money that you can obtain is reduced to $1000 or $1500 at most and the interest rate charged is pretty high when compared with other types of personal loans.

The requirements for approval are however, very simple: you just need to show proof of employment or other income sources and provide a bank account number for the money to be deposited when the loan is approved. Your credit won't be assessed in order to obtain the loan. There are no credit requirements to approve these loans.

Unsecured Personal Loans From Banks and Financial Institutions

If you already have an account with a bank or financial institution, chances are that your credit has already been assessed by them for certain pre-defined financial products. This may include small personal loans or credit cards. If you don't need a high amount, check with your bank or financial institution to see if they have a pre-approved product that matches your needs.

Don't neglect to check credit card products too. Remember that it is possible to obtain cash advances from your credit card as long as you don't need high amounts and you are prepared to pay slightly higher rates. If you already have a credit card you can obtain a cash advance fast. Just check with the credit card issuer what your limit for cash withdrawals is.

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