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Facts About Weekly Payment Stores

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Facts About Weekly Payment Stores

Many of us would love to have new furniture in our homes. We may want to have a new dining table, a new sofa or a new closet. However, although the desire is strong, the financial capacity of the family cannot handle a new one-time big expense at the moment. You have thought of getting the furniture at a loan, but you realized that you have either a bad credit history or no history at all. What you need, therefore, is a weekly payment store that can give you what you want without credit checks.

What is a weekly payment store and how does this work? Well, here are the basic things you need to know about these unique stores that allow you to pay for purchases weekly.

Pay Weekly

This is the basic premise here - you, as the client, are allowed to purchase whatever you want from their store without the need to pay in full immediately. These stores acknowledge the fact that some people may not have a big amount to spend for furniture, but they have regular small amounts that would enable them to pay weekly.

This method is beneficial to both the store and the buyer. The store can attract more customers by offering instalments while the buyer can take advantage of easy payment schemes. Buyers find this easier to manage and the family budget is not strained since the purchase amount has been divided and spread over a reasonable period of time. Depending on the kind of item you buy and the purchase amount, paying period can last from 6 months to as long as 3 years.

No Credit Check

Most weekly payment stores do not require a client to have a strong credit history. Establishing a present capacity to pay weekly a specific amount would be enough for the store's credit officers to grant you a loan. There is no need to submit tons of supporting documents as they really do not need to conduct a credit check. This almost means that you are guaranteed approval as long as you have earnings coming in regularly.

As a result, the transaction is completed faster and you can bring home the item you want right away. This is different from regular lay-away plans when the only time that you can take the item is when you have completed all the necessary payments. While this may happen in some stores, you will be happy to know that other stores allow you to use and enjoy what you have purchased while you are still paying every week. In a way it does have similarities with payday loans for bad credit

Improve Credit Score

If the advantages discussed above are still not enough, here is another one that makes this setup very useful to the buyer. By getting a weekly payment purchase plan and by paying regularly without delays, you are able to establish a credit history for yourself, if you still don't have one, or to improve your current credit score. You must, however, try not to miss payments. Remember that you don't only need a credit history, but you actually need an impressive one.

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